The kitchen layout design is something we all live with in our kitchens.

Of all the things that can be updated in a house when you first move in, the kitchen is one of your first considerations.

Well I had this great idea. With the bonus money from work, I was going to get the kitchen re-designed. It was a petite kitchen with a window, door, and the boiler was even in there! It is smaller then small with dimensions of approximately 8 foot by 8 foot. Being a very small space, it was a challenge to make something out of it.

All I wanted was a small, pristine, and beautiful looking kitchen.

So… with my best feet forward, I headed to the local retailers to get the best design. I found that my kitchen in the town I live in was not up to code! Oh joy! It turns out that the kitchen needed to be enlarged in order to meet current standards, but I didn’t have the money for that.

Well with heavy heart, I thought of a couple of things. I’ll see if I can get an experienced designer in and realized that it would cost me for their services. I hoped that they could solve my problem.

The designer that came over arrived very late and after looking at my kitchen had a few suggestions and as it ended up, I was not impressed with him or his “expertise.”

After he left I felt down and figured that there was no solution for my tiny space. But as I found out later, there was hope for my kitchen.

Small Kitchen Layout

As for the small beautiful kitchen layout that I have always dreamed of, Dad came to the rescue. He was always handy with wood and tools. As it turns out, I should have called on him first! My awkward tiny kitchen, was tidied up and finished out – by the man I admire most in my life.