Plan for Future Kitchen with IKEA Planners

We are going to buy an IKEA kitchen at home. We would like to check out the IKEA DIY program. We hope that this service will give us a few tips about what to do best in our kitchens.

We addressed our needs and desires with IKEA Planners. Our kitchen should be approachable and easy to use. We absolutely need to put a fridge here and it costs absolutely nothing. We would like our home to have open shelving, instead of open cupboards.

My husband and I would like to purchase all of the household appliances on our own, as our last purchases from IKEA were not quite satisfactory – particularly the dishwasher.

The most challenging thing is how to render kitchens such that the plinth panel is lifted automatically when the dishwasher door is shut. “You have to buy the dishwasher from us because other appliances are not equipped with this sliding mechanism”

Because of this, we wanted to check for a solution online. We find that it also fits for a smaller wash basin. We have to investigate this more carefully now.

Polished Steel Stainless steel

All in all, the preparation was a complete and enjoyable process.