Look and Choose: One of These Seven Kitchens Defines You.

Your kitchen reveals far more about your personality than you thought. What is the definition of modern? Do you love industrial or feel comfortable in Nordic style?



Since you are unable to grasp the universe that is logical apart from nature and the wood is your greatest ally. You’re classical without reverting to or producing classicism. The stools and cabinets in this style are in tongue and groove wood, the Comptoir de Famille lamp and the Sant Genís tuff.


Past time is the greatest. From the very beginning, it was obvious to lay the white ceramic tiles and for them to be put closely together to complement the original pieces.

The kitchen units are from Ikea and the floors and ceilings are from Martorellas.


Your kitchen is a mix of traditional and contemporary materials such as glass ceramic cabinet and glossy painted furniture. Your goal is to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

The furniture has been designed by the client and stylist Amparo Garrido and the table is from the 1950s, the Enea chairs are painted gold, and the lamps are also from the stylist and the kitchen sink is made of Macael marble.



Neutral colour make up the decorative whole in the kitchen where lacquer and straight lines are equally significant.

The kitchen worktop by Bulthaup, in Criteri Studio Bulthaup, the pantry cabinet by Pando, the maple-wood flooring by Kährs, in Parquets Granados.


industrial soul

You can think of yourself as an urbanite and you prefer furniture without decoration, natural. You prefer the raw, the unfinished, in the untamed natural materials. You are looking at furniture that has been designed by Integral


The temptation of “Casa della Mare Nostrum” is so intense, that your white kitchen (unthinkable will be another color) only embraces decorative features in blue tones as though you lived in the Greek island of Santorini, Turkey or the French Riviera. Your presence is defiant, like that of sailors.

The furniture is from Birgit Müller, the countertop is from Binissalem, the lighting fixture is from Cassai Home & Design and the chairs are from Kok Maison.


Shelving is as sensitive as you are and there is no holding clutter; it is a clutter-free place. The counters are certainly completed by solid natural wood.

How are you? How have you decorated your kitchen? With Nordic touches of natural wood, it seems bohemian that it comes from the decade of 80s or with hydraulic tiles, showing the passion for urbanism.