Lombards Furniture Galleries has built a reputation on fine quality, outstanding.

interior design and excellent service. They do offer traditional, transitional and contemporary styles in furniture, accessories, art, wall coverings, carpet and area rugs.

Harden has a long history of leadership and integrity in the furniture world through its dedication to well styled quality products. Today a fifth generation of the Harden Family continues to build for the future. The company was founded in 1844 and is one of the few furniture manufactures to be family owned and operated.

As the 21st Century dawns, the Harden family of employees look backward to a proud history and forward to a bright future of building furniture which will be passed on from generation to generation. Your grandchildren will thank you for buying Harden Furniture, confident that tomorrow’s antiques are being created today.

Never has the furniture industry been more competitive and never have the opportunities been greater for the manufacturer of a quality product.
Harden Features and Benefits Feature Benefit Harden owns thousands of acres of hardwood rich timberlands and dry kilns. Supplies raw materials of uniform quality and consistency.

Joinery techniques-double dowelling, anchor screw and floating panel construction. Structural and joint integrity for long lasting durability. 5/4″ stock used in all bases and doors. Allows sufficient material for both structural integrity and stability.

Dovetailed construction on both fronts and backs of drawers. Ensures drawer rigidity. All drawers individually fit, with blocked bottoms and wood glides. Ensures proper fit and provides smooth quiet operation. Floating panel construction.

Hallmark of finely crafted, solid wood furniture. Tongue and groove construction on all solid top dining tables. Ensures proper fit – 2 halves of table perform as one. Hand carved detail–NO EMBOSSING Authentic handcrafted detail.

Solid sand cast brass hardware. Aestheically appealing and durable. Most hardwares are stamped from thinner stock and are brass plated, vulnerable to damage.

Harden carefully defects all lumber and color matches all boards. More uniform finish. Full sealer coats. Provides protection against environmental changes andforeign materials. 21-Step hand-rubbed finish. Depth and clarity of finish are enhanced.

Drawer interior finish. All drawers are meticuously sanded, sealed, lacquered and waxed to provide smooth, functional interior Dining chairs Any of our 900 fabrics may be used on slip seats at no additional charge.