Layout and Shape of Kitchens that Makes You Enjoy

A kitchen should fit right. Regardless of whether it will have room for additional built-in equipment such as a coffee machine and steam cooker, or will have space for a big family: The kitchen layout plays a critical role in building the kitchen. Is the space tiny, square or loft-like? It really depends less on the scale of the kitchen and more on how well thought out it is.

I show you the various benefits and drawbacks of different kitchen shapes and recommend ways to bring together a kitchen.

Kitchen architecture

In the kitchen, lengths need not be too far. Kitchen templates should be like this:

+ It needs to be 120-210 cm from the fridge to the sink.
+ If possible, 120-210cm from kitchen sink to the stove.
+ 120-230 cm away from the freezer.
As the form and height of the kitchen are different, the shape of the triangle is often different. In kitchen environment, it is important as a simple prototype. Make sure the cooling systems do not get close to the working place. That wastes electricity.

Make arrangements for the kitchen.

Perhaps this is an asset, because it’s all on hand. It is really important to prepare using a small space optimally.

A kitchenette consists of a small number of cabinets lined up together. Your kitchenette should not be too long that the walkways of your restaurant are just too wide. The form of this kitchen is ideal for narrow kitchens. Furthermore, kitchen furniture in white and high gloss is suggested to make the room look suitable and comfortable. With small living area you can have all the necessities. Besides that the drawback of this unit is that the work surfaces and tables should be taken out or folded.

For narrow or open kitchens, as well as for dining areas.

Space for two workers. Put at least three meters of wall-space.
A large work surface enables you to maximise working capacity.
Slide doors are fine.

Layout and Shape of Kitchens that Makes You Enjoy

Kitchen and living-rooms feature high gloss white trims.
A tidy interior can keep people from becoming upset.

Design a kitchen with two lines.

A two-row kitchen is well-suited for small and narrow kitchens because it can be mounted on two opposite walls, and is also suitable for an open kitchen style. A minimum of 1.2 meter can be held between the kitchen units so that doors and drawers can be opened without difficulties. High gloss white kitchen fronts build more space in a tiny kitchen. Easy front decoration is easier than extravagant decoration to keep the room calm.

For small rooms.

One hand of the kitchen with a work surface and the other with built-in tools. Kitchen device must be at least 1.20 meters apart from each other.
For narrow kitchens, you can prefer solid white with high gloss paint.
For an open kitchen style, the second row may be used as a cooking platform.

Layout and Shape of Kitchens that Makes You Enjoy

Work on a corner kitchen and L-kitchen.

This is suitable for a semi-open or a closed space. Thanks to this configuration, it saves energy and thus is realistic. To separate space, it is adhered to two walls or a row to protrude into the room. Mount rotate pedestal and drop in drawers for corner cabinets.

For medium to big kitchens.

For a dining room and kitchens in near vicinity. There are generous quantities of work surfaces around the stove, sink and refrigerator.
Place the spinning rod in the cupboard around the wall.


Dining spaces cannot be combined very well.

Try building an underground restaurant.
A U-shaped kitchen has three units that have plenty of storage space and two work counters. The interior room should be at least 2 meters wide so you can open your drawers and cabinet doors quickly. This is the perfect appliance for rooms that don’t have a second window. The dynamic relationships of the kitchen job make things simpler. The sink can be placed in front of the window to promote illumination.

For large bedrooms with en-suite kitchenettes on three walls. There must be full capacity and office area. There is enough space for parking and working for many employees. You need to position your speakers at least 2 meters apart from each other. Ensure that the gap between two work areas are not so far.

Dining rooms must be combined into an open floor plan.

Planning the G apartment.
The G-shaped kitchen is a U-shaped kitchen with an external kitchen feature used for counter space. This area style is only appropriate for large rooms or for families with eat-in kitchen and open kitchen.

Creating a kitchen island.
The kitchen has been a core feature of many residential layouts. These kitchens have been part of the living or dining area rather than being self-contained. If you will get a kitchen island, then it will be easy to relax with friends and family. What is an island kitchen? A design-oriented island kitchen is a free-standing kitchen space that may be, for example, a two-row kitchen, a U-kitchen, or an L-kitchen. What do you look out for when you buy kitchen? Are you wondering how you would like to make a kitchen island without any surface to place pots or dishes? Be certain to learn about the entire process of disposing of worthless things.

For large living room and open plan kitchens.
An open workplace where many individuals can work together. Ideational family kitchen. You may also use a counter.