Experiment with Small Kitchen Layout

When you buy a century home, you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got. Unless, of course, you are rolling in the dough or married to a remodeling contractor. So I knew that my large but unwieldy kitchen design would continue to be large (positive) and unwieldy (negative.)

Luckily, after working in the kitchen for a few months, I started to get some ideas. First of all, my kitchen didn’t have enough kitchen countertop space. I thought about a kitchen island, but if I put it right in the middle of the kitchen, it would cut off access to my kitchen table and put a barrier in my kitchen work triangle (between the sink/stove/fridge).

Also, I didn’t have enough kitchen cabinet storage (does anybody?) I thought about using kitchen pot racks, but then I would lose the use of my ceiling fan, which was so necessary when I embark on my annual canning rampage.

The solution came from giving up something and gaining something. I received a kitchen island from my mother as a birthday gift. Seems she had been thinking the same thing –my kitchen needed counter and kitchen cabinet storage space.

I played with putting it in different places, and finally came to the conclusion that I would have to get rid of the table altogether. Though I originally balked at this idea, it turned out to be fabulous. I put my new kitchen island perpendicular to the end of an existing counter, and now it serves as an extension to my kitchen counter tops.

Experiment with Small Kitchen Layout

On the other side, I’ve added kitchen counter bar stools which created the perfect corner kitchen nook! This unexpected gift caused me to rethink my kitchen layout design, and it really paid off.

The island has a butcher block kitchen counter, so I can use it as a cutting board, counter and table. The kitchen seems larger and more open without the table shoved in the corner where it used to be. Sometimes it just takes a little experimenting!